BeerAdvocate Welcomes Three Hires to Team BA

photo of ToddLots of big changes happening here at BA HQ, and it's going to be a very exciting year. In fact, it already is.

To-date Jason and I have been basically running the show, along with my wife Cfahooligan (Candice) who's been critical with our fests/events and helping out where she can online. We've also received a ton of help from kick-ass beer fest and website volunteers. We're beyond thankful.

Unfortunately as things have been growing the workload has become border-line overwhelming. So before it tips over the line, the bro and I decided it was time to share the load with eager people willing to help and bring new ideas to the table.

It starts now with the hiring of three full-time employees:

- Taylor Seidler (Creative Director)
- Ben Caplin (Global Sales Manager)
- Courtney Cox (Managing Editor)

(No lame "Friends" jokes please.)

For those of you who actually read the masthead in BA mag, you'll notice that Taylor, Ben, and Courtney have all worked with us on BeerAdvocate magazine for a while now, but through a 3rd party vendor. BA mag will now be produced 100% in-house as of issue #49, and as of this month they're official BA employees. Their roles will extend beyond BA mag. Amongst other projects, they'll play an integral part with changes occurring to and our beer fests this year.

Taylor is actually in Portland, OR right now taking photos at various breweries and bars for BA mag and the web. Yes, we're jealous ... but that's sharing the workload, right? ;-)

Anyway ... we just wanted to share the news with everyone, and raise a glass to them as we welcome them to Team BA.

Congrats and welcome! Cheers!

Founder & Chief Executive Advocate

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