Ads on BeerAdvocate (They're Coming & Why)

photo of ToddJust a heads-up. Within the next week ads will begin running on

Why? Simply put: to generate revenue, but it's what we plan on doing with the revenue that's the fun part (keep on reading).

Where will you see these ads? Currently we've designated two banner areas on the page. There might be a 3rd Full Banner at the bottom of the page, but this will most likely be used exclusively for house BA ads. Other ads will initially be a mixture of beer and non-beer, but ideally we'll be aiming to have the majority of ads be beer-related. Nothing is 100% at this time, but we'll provide updates.

And here's what we plan on doing with the ad revenue in 2011:

- Hire 1-2 full-time tech geeks; we're not accepting resumes at this time.
- Completely redesign; more on the functionality-side.
- Expand our server capabilities.
- Design and launch iPhone & Android apps; no plans for other platforms at this time.

And speaking of a BA mobile app, we can tell you that we're looking at the following features for the beta launch:

- Beer Mail & Friends.
- Global & Friend feeds; follow web and app activities.
- Search for Beers/Places:
> Pull-up basic info/ratings for the Beer/Place.
> File a Quick Review for the Beer/Place.
> Add Beer to wish list; so you don't forget the beers you want to try.
> Tag that you're drinking the Beer now; at a Place and Quick Review optional. Broadcast to Twitter/Facebook.

We currently don't have an ETA, but rest assured we'll tell the world when we do. And sorry, we're not ready to answer any other questions regarding the mobile app at this time.

So there you have it. Much more to follow.

And those interested in placing an ad can email us for more info via the Contact page. Once the media kit is ready we'll be sure to send one your way.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and for being a part of BeerAdvocate!


Founder & Chief Executive Advocate

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